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Ultra Runner Keychain - Ultra Marathon gift

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The Ultra Runner is a unique individual, capable of amazing feats of endurance.  Technically, an ultra marathon is any race greater than 26.2 miles. But common lengths are 50km (31 miles), 100km, even 100 miles!  Sometimes the race is not measured by a specific distance but by how many miles one can cover in a specific period, such as 24 hours. 

These extreme distances require extensive training and many intermediate marathons to build endurance and technique. This keychain makes a terrific gift for anyone who completes and competes in ultra events as well as wonderful motivation tool for the runner working towards an ultra distance!

The keychain is ideally sized at 2.6 inches, perfect to fit in your pocket or palm in your hand. It is 3d printed of a steel composite, making it very durable and giving it a rugged look. Because of the nature of the 3D printing process, the color may vary somewhat, between bronze-gray and gray-bronze.

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