RUN keychain - For the runner in your life!

RUN keychain - For the runner in your life!

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Looking for a lifestyle key chain that matches your passion for running?  Here it is! 

Stay motivated on a daily basis with this great running accessory!  Every time you drive your car, unlock a door, or head out for the day, you 'll be transported back to your beloved sneakers, favorite trail, and best race. The subtle motivation of having this in your hand and pocket will keep you moving forward and working to attain your next running goal.

The keychain is ideally sized at just over 2 inches, perfect to fit in your pocket or palm in your hand. It is 3D printed in a steel composite, making it very durable and giving it a rugged look.  Because of the nature of the 3D printing process, the color may vary somewhat, between bronze-gray and gray-bronze.

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